Terry Lacosse, artist

I was born in Winnipeg and raised in Southern California - Inglewood by LAX to be specific – just a few short miles from Dockweiler State Beach. Every Spring, until Labor Day, we used to ride our bikes, then hitchhike, then drive our cars to Dockweiler, Manhattan or Hermosa Beach. So I am truly a product of “60’s Beach, Car and Urban Culture” (although we didn’t call it that then). When not at the beach we terrorized the neighbouring communities of Hawthorne, Lennox, and Hollywood. 

As a young man returning to Winnipeg I found many beaches at Lake Winnipeg to connect with and summer friends from my grandparent’s neighbourhood in the North End who have also a past of slightly different Car and Urban Cultures. 
Many, many years later I still thrive on the light on a big body of water & like nothing better than to wander the back alleys of our neighbourhood in search of cars & the energy of life.
The kids in the paintings are mine & their contemporaries (all grown-up now!) as evidenced by the mullet & mushroom haircuts. In many ways a much different experience than mine and in many ways the same.

My two favorite mediums are watercolor and oil and both are featured on my website. All originals on this website are identified by number, size and price. Just use the contact information to arrange for purchase.


Note: Reproductions are available in a variety of sizes and may be printed on cotton paper or canvas, through my representative in Winnipeg at Gallery Lacosse, 169 Lilac Street.